A medium-sized company successfully operating and continuously developing for more than two decades and has the following strategic behaviour:

Our company’s operation is based on a thoroughly detailed methodology, a properly chosen staff, accurate specification of duties and qualification of our colleagues. Fair business behaviour, support on innovation and environment awareness are added to this.
Finally, the most important principle according to which a company operating with a strategic corporate approach is able to offer satisfaction to all operators involved in its activity even under unpredictably changing economic circumstances.

Professzionális takarítás
We operate a verification system built on six levels during our work. Our verification system has continuous, general and spot check points as well.. Controls are continuously made by high-level officials on each location during the work. In the first phase of the control, a colleague performing the work controls his or her own work to ensure efficient work
10 strong reasons
for choosing us
  1. We are the company that will make sure that you earn a good reputation from your partners and employees thanks to cleanliness; you won’t even have to lift a finger.
  2. If you choose us, you won’t have to worry about cleanliness at all.
  3. Our team offers you well-organized work and motivated and qualified cleaners. In us, you will have chosen a company with a viable control system over its work and employees and managers to make sure that no subtasks of cleaning are neglected.
  4. By choosing our company, complete office cleaning and other tasks that are needed for the smooth operation of an office building can be concentrated in one place. You will only have to consult with one person, and everything will run smoothly.
  5. Taképszolg Kft will provide you with thorough and professional cleaning services, since our cleaners are professionally qualified and prepared, having gone through a multi-round selection process and then received both theoretical and practical training before they were hired by the company.
  6. Taképszolg Kft thinks together with its customers: we recommend solutions and technologies in the fields of cleaning and environmentally friendly operation that our customers can benefit from.
  7. We work with modern and environmentally friendly machines, detergents and technologies, and we recommend innovative solutions to our customers for the sake of cleanliness, everyday hygiene, their environment, health and also their wallets.
  8. We guarantee quality: Our cleaning company is covered by significant professional liability insurance and has ISO 9001 quality assurance.
  9. Your company will earn a substantially better reputation in the eyes of your employees and partners thanks to the cleanliness and human hygiene. Your employees and partners will feel better, thus everyone will have increased well-being, which will help you do business in a more efficient way.
  10. We have many satisfied partners and references: Taképszolg Kft has provided successful cleaning services since 1994. We always pay attention to the smallest details, to keep our clients satisfied.
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SkyClean technology
Cost efficient, as an area of 100 m2 may be cleaned with it every hour! Streak-free, glaring surfaces even in hard to reach places, every corner and inner nook will become perfectly clean by virtue of the Unmatched brushes and warm water! Expandable tube height, with a reach of 16 meters from the ground! Environmentally friendly technology, since it’s chemical-free!   Typically, large glass and wall surfaces of factories, factory halls, office buildings, buildings are used with a cleaning machine. A special feature of the technology is that the machine is uniquely equipped with special water filtration equipment. The tap water is converted into osmosis water, which filters through various filters. The machine filters, among other things, chlorine, nitrate, viruses and bacteria. The water is only in a perfectly cleaned state, always aware of its power. This sensation feels like we have to do a drip-free and sediment-free cleaning. Focusing more efficiently on osmosis is heating up a device, which means you need a more efficient cleaning agent, so you need a variety of chemicals, cleaners, so it’s a real eco-friendly machine. Cleaned surfaces dry in a dry, spotless manner. The system provides 350 liters of osmosis to prepare large areas for cleaning, likely to be efficient without interruption. Sliding carbon fiber carbon tubes are used for cleaning. At the end of the carbon tube, which reaches a height of 16 meters, the affected surface should be subjected to appropriate brush testing. Why use this cleaning system? Because until now, cleaning of surfaces was considered to be cumbersome Because he has not dared to trust anyone and clean the surface at an angle or height Because he has not had good experience in cleaning large windows and facades so far Because the work done so far has taken a lot of time Because it has so far been given a clean, striped surface Because up until now, less places have been left out Because so far, you can’t find someone who can do the job without chemicals
In daily cleaning we use tools and machines that do not harm our environment. Our smaller and more powerful vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filter that prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the air. Even when used sparingly, these agents provide excellent coverage and cleansing properties. They are material-friendly, clean without strips and veils, and retain the shine. The floor coatings, respectively. sensitive surfaces are not attacked. At higher dosage, greasy, oily contaminants are also well dissolved. Their scent is pleasant, and its skin-friendly properties are clinically confirmed by tests.
Using the system, you can get an up-to-date picture of where and when you want the cleaning staff hired the job where the cleaning staff works where and how long cleaning machines go. The cleaning areas should be subdivided into zones and a bar code assigned to each zone. Each cleaning worker picks up a named USB scanner from the dock at the start of the shift, which you must use while you work. The first time the barcode is scanned, the cleaning staffer indicates that he or she has entered the zone and then re-scans the code at the end of the task, indicating that he or she is leaving the area. The data is stored in the reader and then transferred back to the USB dock at the end of the shift. The data is then synchronized and accessed and reported in a customized interface. With the help of this system, you can easily carry out random checks, which will promptly inform your area manager. All you need to do is check the application downloaded to your phone. Scans the barcode within a given area through the app and evaluates its cleanliness. You can also take, attach and send a photo to our colleague as needed. Advantages of the system Loss of manual documentation due to electronic data collection Collecting work and cleaning times Make quality measurable with specific reports Perform analyzes and report cleaning times Quick and accurate documentation with custom barcodes Optimization of cleaning processes Simple assignment of cleaning staff to objects A detailed overview of the premises inspection carried out and planned Reporting in Excel and / or PDF format
Customer Reviews
Taképszolg Kft. Full office service for our office building. We always take into account our unique needs. They work with a correct, flexible, precise attitude and professional professionals. The reliability, accuracy and kindness of their employees are completely satisfactory to us.
SkyClean technology
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We have been working with Taképszolg Kft since 2008 and are satisfied with their work. We love the company's services because of their flexibility and precision. We can count on them right away when we suddenly need something, either an extraordinary weekend cleaning or a quick wash of our industrial gates! They always put the needs of the client first, adjusting the schedule of our employees to our schedule and time. They also perform additional tasks such as insect and rodent control; we no longer have to rely on a separate company for these, so we are more comfortable. In short, they are flexible, correct and versatile!
SkyClean technology
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