Our company

This issue is aimed to briefly present our company and the areas where we have achieved excellent results on the basis of feedbacks from our clients and our evaluations as well. Based on the presented parameters and values, inquirers can easily assess our company’s abilities. Our intention is to raise your attention with this information and if you demand, our specialist will contact you with a customised detailed offer. We believe that the result of our first completed order is our real introduction, since this is how our customers can get familiar with our ars poetica: „Cleaning you have not seen before.”

Our staff

We operate a colleague selection system to make sure only suitable colleagues are appointed to work. Using our selection methodology we are able to prescreen 2000 applicants in a year and then to make interviews with the candidates. We make sure our colleagues are continuously trained as well. Candidates suitable for employment are specially trained and educated, and only those passing an exam and properly qualified are employed.

Company history

Taképszolg Kft. Was founded as a family business.
Our first customer: norr-Bremse Magyarország Kft.
Our permanent staff has reached 10 people.
Our permanent staff has reached 20 people.
New service: industrial cleaning.
ISO 9001 quality system.
Industrial cleaning in Budapest Vidámpark.
Industrial cleaning in Siemens.
We have been continuously expanding our business profile, including the installation and marketing of human hygiene and epidemic prevention systems and environmental management solutions, as well as a number of new innovative opportunities in the spirit of environmental protection and human resources.
Year of success competition. Our permanent staff has reached 160 people.
New corporate governance system.
We have added a new machine to our fleet, which has helped us improve the quality of service in our areas. We have introduced a new case management system to further optimize our in-house tasks and sales processes.
We moved to a new office.
We expanded our portfolio towards production.
This year we celebrated our 25th birthday, including revamping your corporate identity and website