Our services: Daily and major cleaning of offices and office blocks Industrial cleaning of factories, plants, hall.  

Office cleaning
Office cleaning Office cleaning

Daily and major cleaning of offices and office blocks

We clean offices, hallways, conference rooms, kitchenettes, restrooms, and all their parts thoroughly and with attention to detail.
Our motto is: – to which we adhere to the utmost, and which has been confirmed time and time again Cleaning as you have never perceived
by our former clients. We aim to perform our services with high standards in every respect. Therefore, we do not only take great care in our
cleaning personnel, we also aim to map our Clients’ needs and expectations to the best of our ability, since this is the only way to wholly
comply with them. Our company is flexible to adjusts to these needs and tasks, on account of the well-trained workers we employ.
As a cleaning company, we take particularly great care of our employees’ clean and neat appearances. We devise the actual tasks of our
colleagues to suit the client’s needs in every case, and take full monetary liability and moral responsibility for their work, as we continuously
monitor their activities to ensure the professional and highest standard of performing the contracted cleaning tasks.

Industrial cleaning
Industrial cleaning Industrial cleaning

One of the main aspects of industrial cleaning is that an efficient implementation requires specific machines and continuous, up-to-date professional knowledge besides the consideration of individual needs.
We undertake the following tasks in industrial cleaning:

Cleaning of factories, plants, underground garages, parking lots
Special cleaning of the inner and outer walls of machines and halls
Cleaning of outer walls and lindab walls
Basic cleaning with high performance automated scrubber, impregnation, development of special protection layer on flooring. E.g. PVC, linoleum, industrial concrete, resin stands.
We aim to attend to and protect the surface besides basic cleaning, and in case the aesthetic aspect is important, the coating of the surface may proceed.
Crystallization (chemical renewal)
Alpine technological improvements: we sprinkle a powder of specially grounded material onto the surface and work it in with a single-disc automated scrubber until we obtain an aesthetic surface

Window and facade cleaning
Window and facade cleaning

SkyClean – a more efficient window cleaning!

Cost efficient, as an area of 100 m2 may be cleaned with it every hour!
Streak-free, glaring surfaces even in hard to reach places, every corner and inner nook will become perfectly clean by virtue of the
Unmatched brushes and warm water!
Expandable tube height, with a reach of 16 meters from the ground!
Environmentally friendly technology, since it’s chemical-free

Special service
Special service Special service

Cleaning of heavily soiled greasy or oily machines without chemicals using the latest technology.

Dry ice cleaning

Cleaning contaminated (eg grease, oil) machines and components is often a difficult task.

The dry ice machines we use operate without cleaning agents or chemical additives. They can be used without problems in areas where water or sand cleaning is not possible or permitted.

Advantages of dry ice cleaning:

Cleaning without work preparation
The dry ice pellets can easily reach the smallest corner
Production / work only has to stop for a short time
Thanks to quick and efficient cleaning with dry ice, you can get back to work in no time.
Environmentally friendly cleaning
We use a dry ice cleaner, no additional chemicals or cleaning agents.
The surfaces are not damaged
Cleaned surfaces will be brilliantly clean again without damage.
Dry ice turns into carbon dioxide without residue. No spray or wastewater remains.
Where do we recommend dry ice cleaning?

Steel, metal and mechanical engineering
Printing houses
Wood and electrical industry
Plastic and packaging industry
Automotive, foundry and plastic injection molding
Food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
paper Industry
Communities and municipalities

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